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Transactional Efficiency and Profitability

Address Resident Concerns

Educate residents on strengths and potential risks of project transactions      

Advise Method of Sale

Help the District determine the ideal financial structure and appropriate size of bond issuance for debt capacity and IRS compliance

Prepare and Deliver Initial Disclosure

Assist disclosure counsel with the drafting of the warrant offering, circular, and bond official statement

Coordinate Warrant Issuance

Prepare IRS forms and act as a liaison between the District and bond counsel, as well as coordinate all warrant tasks

Structure, Prepare, and Issue Bonds

Prepare a financial plan with cash flow models of debt structure and the District’s filing requirements. Structure debt issuance and coordinate closing activities

Negotiate Sales

 Identify qualified underwriters, negotiate underwriting terms and rates for the Districts, and educate the Districts on financing alternatives and final bond price

Manage Competitive Sales

Manage underwriting bids, make recommendations to the District, and award bonds to bidders

Our fiduciary responsibility is to the SIDs we serve. No one else.

Tap into our extensive industry expertise

Yes, we are financial advisors specializing in SIDs, but more than that, we are educators and communicators. We gather the necessary and correct information to complete your project efficiently and cost-effectively, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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It all begins with the feasibility analysis and negotiations with cities, counties, and adjacent developments prior to the SID commencing the installation of the infrastructure improvements.

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After bonds are issued, we ensure the SID remains IRS and SEC compliant and perform on-going project analysis to keep the District on a sound financial path.

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