Our Name Is New, But Our History Is Established

Kuehl Capital is now Bluestem Capital Partners.
Same quality service. Same up-to-date expertise.

Making undeveloped landscapes livable.

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From Developers to Existing Sanitary and Improvement Districts (SIDs), We Are With You Every Step of the SID Process.

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It all begins with the feasibility analysis and negotiations with cities, counties, and adjacent developments prior to the SID commencing the installation of the infrastructure improvements.

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Start to finish, we manage every stage of the transaction. From financing options and negotiations with third-party underwriters and direct purchasers, the structuring of general obligation bonds, to the settlement of bond transactions.

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After bonds are issued, we ensure the SID remains IRS and SEC compliant, and performs on-going project analysis, to keep the District on a sound financial path.

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Multiple Solutions, Single Outcome - Satisfied Clients. Every Step of the SID Process.
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