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Preparing Strategically

Determine Financial Feasibility

Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis based on information provided by developer and engineer

Identify Funding Options and Provide Recommendations

Take into consideration market conditions, identify, and then recommend the best choices

Secure Trusted Financial Commitments

Attain underwriting commitment with a reputable underwriter at terms favorable to the District and assist the District in the selection of finance team members and bond disclosure counsels

Offer Impact Analysis

Conduct impact analysis on levy, cash flow, and projected budget due to final costs

Analyze Annual Budget and Make Recommendations

Recommend bond and general fund tax levies to the District subsequent to annual budget cash flow analysis and consultation with an attorney, accountant, engineer, developer, and the District. Make recommendations for cash management and adjustments to the financing plan and debt structure optimal for the District

Analyze On-going Debt and Make Recommendations

Conduct ongoing analysis of the District’s outstanding debt and identify opportunities to optimize structure and rates

Industry professionals rely on us for accurate information & trusted financial advice.

Tap into our extensive industry expertise

Yes, we are financial advisors specializing in SIDs, but more than that, we are educators and communicators. We gather the necessary and correct information to complete your project efficiently and cost-effectively, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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Start to finish, we manage every stage of the transaction. From financing options and negotiations with third-party underwriters and direct purchasers, the structuring of general obligation bonds, to the settlement of bond transactions.

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After bonds are issued, we ensure the SID remains IRS and SEC compliant and performs ongoing project analysis to keep the District on a sound financial path.

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