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Post-Issuance Guidance

Miscellaneous Duties

 Multiple tasks, from coordinating construction fund warrant interest payments to tracking site development and identifying bond refunding opportunities

Research and Advisory Services

Prepare and submit continuing disclosure filings pursuant to the SEC rules, assist the District with IRS filings, data tracking, and regulatory compliance

Managing Fund Balances

Track bond and general fund balances, provide fund balance investment direction to the County Treasurer, and coordinate the redemption of the general fund and construction fund warrants with cash

Restructuring and Balancing Services

Restructure complex debt, conduct credit analysis, negotiate with creditors on behalf of the District, and execute a Plan of Adjustment

We simplify complex processes for developers and residents.

Tap into our extensive industry expertise

Yes, we are financial advisors specializing in SIDs, but more than that, we are educators and communicators. We gather the necessary and correct information to complete your project efficiently and cost-effectively, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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It all begins with the feasibility analysis and negotiations with cities, counties, and adjacent developments prior to the SID commencing the installation of the infrastructure improvements.

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Start to finish, we manage every stage of the transaction. From financing options and negotiations with third-party underwriters and direct purchasers, the structuring of general obligation bonds, to the settlement of bond transactions.

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